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Using the command line version of imgThumb

Use the windows interface for imgThumb as pictured previously to specify all parameters. This interface is just an easy way to enter the parameters for the real program. If you want to automate the creation of your thumbnails you will probably want to use the commandline version:

imgThumb [/w999] [/h999] [/s] [/o  /g] [/pnam] [/t] [/i[tpl-file] [/l] [/a]]
              input [output]
   /w999 Make thumbnails 999 pixels wide
   /h999 Make pixels 999 pixels high (defaults to 100)
   /n    Create No thumbnails, only HTML
   /s    Also process subdirectories of 'input'
   /o    Overwrite existing files without prompting
   /g    Generate unique filename if output-file already exists
   /pnam Give generated files the prefix 'nam' (defaults to 'Thumb')
   /t    Do not create thumbnails for files that have the prefix above
   /i[tpl-file] Create an index.html file based on template of
         the generated thumbnails
         [tpl-file] should be located in the same directory as imgThumb.exe
   /xfile Read extra variables from 'file'
      /l    sets %SET_LINK% to Y, ignored by default templates
      /a    sets %SET_ASSUME% to Y, ignored by default templates
         The file or directory to be processed
         The directory where generated thumbnails must be placed
         If not specified, defaults to current directory
         Directory will be created if it doesn't exist
         If /s specified, the complete directory 'tree' will be created

The command line functionality of imgThumb stops working after your 45 day evaluation.
Everything else is fully functional. After 45 days you will need to buy a license in our shop to continue using the commandline.


imgThumb /g c:\pictures\pic001.jpg c:\temp
This will make a thumbnail of pic001.jpg and place it in the c:\temp directory. If the file Thumbpic001.jpg already exists in c:\temp it will not be overwritten, but a thumbnail with the name Thumbpic001_.jpg will be created, an effect of the /g switch. The height of the thumbnail will be 100 pixels, the default, the width is scaled accordingly.
imgThumb /h200 c:\pictures c:\temp
This will make thumbnails out of all files in the pictures directory and place them in the temp directory. These thumbnails will have a height of 200 pixels. You will be prompted if a file already exists.