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Version History

1.5.4April 9, 2005 Speed increase when you don't use the HTML options and the thumbnail already exists. Previously the image was processed, but the thumb not written. Now, the image will just be skipped.
1.5.3March 12, 2005 imgThumb would hang if you selected "Give unique name" and a file already exists.
Width and Height can now be entered directly.
1.5.2September 24, 2003 The user interface now supports setting both the width and height, a feature already supported by the command line.
You can let imgThumb scale your pictures into the width and height.
Pressing CTRL+F5 on the GUI shows you the commandline to use for imgThumb
1.5.1September 4, 2003 Small fix in the registration code
1.5.0August 31, 2003 Free for personal use.
1.4.5July 2, 2003 Problem with the recognition of file name extensions (version 1.4.4) fixed.
1.4.4June 30, 2003 On some systems starting help still did not work.
New option (/c) to let imgThumb work better with other programs (not taking 100% cpu)
imgThumb now ignores files with unknown extensions
1.4.3June 26, 2003 On some systems starting help did not work.
New option allowing you to not create thumbnails for files that already have them
1.4.2June 7, 2003 Better diagnostics when there are errors in a template.
Some minor tweaks to the code.
New registration codes.
1.4.1June 2, 2003 2 extra HTML templates added.
Option to skip the creation of thumbnails. Creates HTML only.
1.4.0May 28, 2003 The GUI now prompts for additional information, allowing the templates to be used without customization.
1.3.1May 14, 2003 Problem setting the width and height corrected.
1.3.0May 12, 2003 Support for multiple templates.
When generating thumbnails for a complete directory tree, the output files are created in corresponding sub-directories
imgThumb can read .gif files
It is possible to skip existing thumbnails (so you don't create thumbnails for thumbnails)
1.2.1March 25, 2003 There was a small developement leftover in version 1.2.0: the pgm would pause until you pressed a key.
1.2.0March 23, 2003 Can create a html index of all thumbnails, optionally linked to the original pictures
Directory selections now default to the last selected directory
Help added
1.1.0February 18, 2003 Trial version is not crippleware any more (used to paint horizontal lines on thumbnail)
1.0.5February 4, 2003 Full install program
1.0.5January 29, 2003 Minor change to the registration code
1.0.4January 22, 2003 Download now only available as ZIP-file
Improved the handling of command line arguments
added overwrite choice to wimgThumb
1.0.3January 16, 2003 Other way to load files to prevent looping if 'source' and 'target' point to the same directory
1.0.2January 4, 2003 First public release