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Frequently Asked Questions

Last modified: Thursday, 20-Apr-2006 18:18:14 CEST


Questions about buying/activating our products

Where can I buy your products?

All products can be bought in our online shop. The actual sale is handled by our resellers eSellerate and Plimus. When you buy a product, you will receive your registration code within a few minutes.

I bought a product, but I did not receive a registration code...

After you bought a product through our online shop you received an email from eSellerate or Plimus. The registration code and instructions you need to activate the product is in that email.

I didn't receive the Order Confirmation email.

Perhaps your email client blocked it as spam. If you use a spam blocker, please check to see if the confirmation email was blocked. Email us if you cannot find the confirmation email. Please send us your name, company, if applicable, and the email address you used during the purchase.

I didn't receive my permanent registration code.

You should receive your permanent registration code within 2 weeks of your purchase. The code will be sent to the email address you used during your purchase. If you haven't received your code 14 days after your purchase, please contact us.

How about support?

All our products come with unlimited email support. If you have questions not answered in this FAQ, contact support here.

How about new versions?

New versions of our products can always be downloaded from our website. Your current registration number will continue to work with new minor versions. Your registration code will not work with new major versions. So if you bought version 1.0, all 1.x downloads should work with it. A 2.x download will not work with your 1.x registration code.
However, if a new major version of the product is released within one year of your purchase you can apply for a new registration code with us. You can do so by forwarding the original "Order Confirmation" message, which includes your current registration-code to sales@gdps.dk.

I lost my registration key...

Please send an email to support containing as much relevant information as possible:

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Questions about watchDirectory

Why isn't watchDirectory able to <my idea>?

Because you are the first person to have that idea! Please inform us of your wishes here.

Can I only start .bat and .cmd files with watchDirectory?

Yes/No. watchDirectory starts your .bat (or .cmd) file, and what you call inside that .bat file is up to you. You could, for example, start a Java program or a 4NT .BTM file.
As long as the program you start doesn't need any user interaction (like, for example notepad needs), you will be fine!

I want to process new or changed files. WatchDirectory calls my .bat file to early: the program that creates the file that triggers my .bat file is still writing to it. What to do??

This is a common problem. On our freeware page you can download the command line utility WaitForFile that can solve this. It waits until it can exclusively open the file.
Note that version 2 of watchDirectory can handle this automatically.

My .bat file is not called.

If you start watchDirectory using the default settings, watchDirectory will wait for your files to be 'available': watchDirectory will try to open the file before calling your .bat file. If the file is still open by another application, such as Word or Access, that application has a lock on the file.
WatchDirectory will periodically try to open the file again until it succeeds.
You can suppress this behavior of watchDirectory by selecting the option "Don't wait for files to be available", corresponding to the /C commandline option. With this option selected, watchDirectory will call your .bat file without checking the file first.

I only want to process files with a .whatever extenstion

Add the following line to the beginning of your .bat file:

The environment variable WD_FILE_E contains the uppercase file extension for the file that caused watchDirectory to start your .bat file.
The label :EOF is predefined in .bat files that run on NT based systems, GOTO :EOF causes your .bat file to exit.

I have another question...

Please visit the watchDirectory forum, or send a message to support.

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Questions about imgThumb

Why isn't imgThumb able to <my idea>?

Because you are the first person to have that idea! Please inform us of your wishes here.

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Other questions

What happens on my system when I install a program of GdP Software

All our products are installed in their own directory, usually C:\Program Files\GdP Software\<program name>. Our installers do not install additional files, such as DLL's, in other directories.

Why didn't you reply to my e-mail?

2 Possibilities:

Your product does 85% of what we need, but ...

You can make a feature request by sending us an email. If it would be an enhancement to all our customers, we will add it to the product. If we decide not to include it, you can request a custom build for a special price.